About Burzware

We build really nice pieces of software for the Mac, PC, smartphones, tablets and IoT devices.

So What's the Deal with Burzware?

At Burzware, we are a small, independent, software and game development company, based in Europe, which believes that software should have personality. That's why all our software is injected with 2048 bits of personality, mainly given by its developers.

Seriously now, we really build some great pieces of software for our users and clients.

Our Long Term Mission & Vision

We want to build solutions that decrease the friction between technology and its users, its consumers. We do this through digital products that can help each individual be more productive and work smarter to achieve his or her goals.

We love crafting various pieces of software that run on personal computers, servers, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and even Internet of Things devices.

We see a world where everyone can use technology to do good things, privately, fast. Our mission is an integral part of this vision.


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Happy Customers

TL;DR. In Short, this is Us

Just like every other company we do business. Soft business. Got it?

We are in software development for more than 16 years and we've been building software which runs on almost anything.

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