Burzware: European Independent Software Development Company

We are a small, independent, software development company based in Europe. We build really nice digital products.

We build mobile software products

We build mobile software products for companies and for end users, for iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and Android.

We build Internet of Things software

For our business partners, we outsource our IoT software development expertise.

We ♥ to entertain you

We build interactive software products, such as enterprise AR/VR, video games and e-learning products.

We are Burzware

At Burzware we run a small independent software development company, committed to delivering really great software products for end-consumers and for the enterprise. We specialize in scalable software products, mainly for the Internet of Things, but not limited to this one.

This is a stellar team of engineers, developers, marketers, and IT consultants as a whole international full-service digital media, software products, and consultancy company.

Our whole team is remote. Together we build really nice digital products, analyze market trends, consult our clients, and create software products for a myriad of platforms and verticals.

This is our brand, Burzware, and it is our way of helping your business become future-proof. We believe in a world where people can have less friction between technology and their daily activities, and we are doing our part in challenging this.

What's Happening


Technologies We Master


Since we've started in the tech industry, more than 16 years ago, we've worked, built and consulted clients mainly on the following technologies: